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Desperate Times Bring Out the Crazies

The cream of the political crop.

There are two ways to handle the crop of crazies that have entered the political arena as of late. One is responding with genuine fear or sadness, the other is embracing the situation. Personally,I couldn’t be happier. For a long time I tried to convince people to feel one way or another about a political situation, but mostly that was a complete waste of time. Surely, a lot of good people I know would still tell me to wait another four years to a decade and then Obama will really be awesome. Never mind that we are no closer to ending the war or single payer health care or that he seems to be on the side of Wall Street instead of the people, he’s tops! There are still some misguided people who would say that Bush wasn’t a vicious disease upon our international reputation, destructive to our economy, and countless human lives – but those people are crazy.

By my estimation, we haven’t had a President who has even pretended to care about the people since Jimmy Carter. Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama have all been disasters and now the nation is feeling it. “Someone has to do something,” is being said through the collective mind of the country. I know I’ve thought it. The popularity of the Tea Party swings upon guarding personal money from the greedy hands of the government, while trying to distance themselves from Bush and the mess he made. Those people find folks like Christine O’Donnell to head up their organization. Without going into her dabbling with witchcraft and anti-masturbation stance, there is still more to be amazed by. The following video is astonishing, but the clincher is around 2:48 when she asks “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” And the rest of video continues the insanity. After seeing this, if one votes for her, it should only be by pressing the wrong button or a practical joke on the nation.

Next is Jimmy McMillan, self-proclaimed karate expert and Rent is Too Damn High Party candidate. He may be the sanest of the bunch. His heart seems to be in the right place, but his methods seem a little mad. But maybe that is what it takes these days. And the nation has already elected a black President with a Muslim last name, surely they wouldn’t oppose a black man with an Irish last name and facial hair that looks like a cross between Martin Van Buren and William Taft. And no one in New York is going to argue… the rent is too damn high!

And last but not least, is the Tennessean who is making national news -Basil Marceaux. I’m not sure he is quite mentally stable, and it appears he does have a wrap sheet, but let’s not split hairs… other politicians have made mistakes and gotten the blemishes on their record removed. Marceaux is a man of the people – he doesn’t have lawyer buddies and friends in high places to fix things up for him. (Unless Jimmy Kimmel has some pull.) He doesn’t take campaign donations, and I think he may be onto something there. He has some strange views -like making guns mandatory- but he seems to care. It’s easy to tell from the video that started it all…

There is a shift of sanity that is going to turn into a major slide in the very near future. I think we all smell it, and don’t know how to react. If the crazies in politics are any barometer to the political climate of the nation, things are about to get weird.

I can’t wait to watch.


  1. Emily S says:

    I know Christine O’Donnell but the other guys are fake, right?

  2. benoch says:

    Not at all. All three of these people are legitimate candidates for office, although Marceaux lost in the primary.

  3. Rob says:

    To find a president I’d care about, you’d have to go back to … well, let’s just say they’ve all had some bad points. Jefferson, maybe.

    The craziness that seems to be emerging, I think, has a lot more to do with people across the country realizing that what has passed for sanity up until now isn’t, really. It isn’t sane for our government to subsidize those who are already wealthy, and punish their screwups by bailing them out.

    The tea party candidates understand this, but unfortunately they’ve been fooled into backing candidates who will do the same.

    It also isn’t sane for our government to have troops stationed in the Middle East in areas that Muslims consider holy, or to back repressive dictatorships, and then be surprised when the Muslims lash out at us. That realize has yet to fully dawn on people, and one can only hope it does before we go bankrupt.

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