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A Sonnet for Kristen Stewart

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While talking to a friend the other day, he asked the usual, “what have you been up to?”  Often I answer that question with a ridiculous answer, which in this case was that I was writing a sonnet about Twilight actress Kristen Stewart.  Then someone else asked me to see it.  Rather than admit the lie, I quickly (well, as quickly as I could) wrote a sonnet for the young starlet.  It’s in iambic pentameter and follows the Shakespearean rhyme scheme.  I thought I might as well share it.

Celebrity crushes, few ever hurt

But I saw her lips pressed together tight

Please answer my letter, Kristen Stewart

I promise to read each book of Twilight

I rewound your boob shot from On the Road

Carried an US magazine in my pack

Even dressed like Joan Jett, my heart explodes

I don’t care if you ruined Kerouac

Cheat on the Englishman, see if I care

I’d love for you to decide to be free

Dream me tonight, my face in your hair

Crack of Breaking Dawn, be wary ’round me

Telling myself there’s better things to do

I rent another movie starring you

The unlikely muse.


1 Comment

  1. LauraDee says:

    Pretty silly, but I like it.

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