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A Sonnet for Magic Mike

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Another pop culture sonnet.  This one is based upon the popular 2012 film Magic Mike and was suggested by my friend Barbara, who actually said that line that she’s given credit for in the sonnet.  You can read her work here.

There are things that I notice people like

And one of those things is Channing Tatum

Ladies and men talk about Magic Mike

They want to love, hate, or masturbate him

“A masterpiece,” claims Bret Easton Ellis

Barbara says, “less acting, more stripping!”

Some men agree but aren’t quick to share this

Bowties, underwear, sweat that is dripping

McConaughey will take your wife away

Returning when credits begin to roll

Takes more time to read 50 Shades of Grey

And she’ll still go home primed with you, her troll

Women love nakedness as much as men

Pay for her to see Magic Mike again

The men from the strip club movie.



  1. Anna says:

    Has Bret Easton Ellis seen this?

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